The Little House With the Big Shows
Maryville's Gathering Place
The Palace retains the right to sell their food and beverage concessions.

​The Artist can sell their products - CDs, DVDs, T-Shirts etc and the Palace does not accept a percentage of the sales.

Rent The Palace

Parties, Weddings, Meetings, School Programs

Almost any type of event is possible at the Palace

Call 865-982-3808 or email to reserve or for information  
Rent the Palace Theater for your next party, concert, office meeting or party, presentation, wedding and much more.
Films or Power Point on the Big Screen

We seat 212 between the main floor and the balcony. We reserve the right to keep the balcony closed until the party numbers exceed 140 guests.You would have access to one microphone through our sound system. If you need more than one microphone, other charges apply. The rental includes use of our Power Point system and our house DVD VHS and CD machines. 

Our standard rate for parties or concert rentals are as follows.$150 per hour with a three hour minimum.$75 for sound if one band is performing. Two stage set-ups require $150 for sound.  $50 Clean up fee. Other fees my apply.

The hourly fee is $150.00 per hour with the three hour minimum.

Parties can be timed and priced very easily.They range from 3-5 hours
Val will be glad to help you plan and organize your event
Call 865-982-3808 or write to

Typical Concert promotions are as follows:
​If renting for a concert, renter must bring in their own sound system and engineer.
Your Concert Times are your choice and will vary from event to event. This is your choice. 
For an 8 PM concert start time.
Sound check: 6 PM
Box Office opens 6:30 PM
Theater Opens 7-7:30 or when sound check is completed.
Concert begins 8 PM with usually two 45 minute sets by the artist.
Concert concludes around 10:15 PM.
Clean Up approximately 15-30 minutes depending on crowd and services needed.

Typical Total Cost for the Concert Rental
$500.00 - 5 Hours rental
$75 Sound fee
$50 Clean up fee

$625 Estimated Total.

We generally charge $15.00 for Palace concerts. The renter can make the charge their choice.For any event that a ticket charge is made, the renter is in complete control of their money. The Palace does not sell tickets or collect funds. The renter needs to have a ticket booth person.We can, however, help you publicize your concert rental by putting on the palace web site and on the marquee at least one week in advance of your event, longer if possible. 

School Programs and Field Trips
School Programs are very popular at the Palace. If you are a school teacher looking for a program for your kids, give us a call to see how easy it is to schedule a "Special Day" field Trip.
Field trips are very affordable and we love seeing the kids at the Palace.Programs vary from historical downtown Maryville development from the early 1930's to present with vintage films on the ol' clickity clack projector to movie treats on the big screen that you supply in DVD format.
Popcorn and Drinks can also be provided. 

Call 865-982-3808 Monday through Friday 9am - 2pm  or email

Call or write today and see how easy it is to rent the Palace Theater. We can help you make a fond memory that will last a long time.

We look forward to working with you and planning the best event you can think of at The Palace Theater - Downtown Maryville